Sunday, 6 May 2007


We walked up Moel Famau in Wales yesterday. My other de-stressor is walking. It's our hobby. Dan and I started hiking about 20 years ago. Although I'd been in a rambling society at the age of 16. The Woodend it was called, nicknamed the Deadend. We camped at Snowdonia in the snow one November. I can't imagine doing that now. Run by two university students, who organised walks all over England and Wales, it ended sadly with arguments and accusations over individuals not clearing up the campsite before their departure. It was a good introduction to the outdoor life.

The kids were teenagers when Dan and I started walking, and they wanted nothing to do with it. You have to start them young. Kathryn did come camping in Derbyshire with us once, but never really got into it, but recently her and Aaron came with us on a walking holiday to the Cotswolds. Over the years we've progressed to higher and harder and longer walks. Now it's nothing less than 2000 ft. (Moel Famau at 1,800 is an afternoon stroll).

The harder the walk, the more the tension lifts from my body. I forget myself in the expanse of open space; the feeling of oneness with nature, and the awe inspiring views from the top of a mountain. The indescribable beauty. There's the challenge and the elation when you finally reach the summit. I love to get back home physically exhausted and drained of stress.

Perhaps Jon will join us on some walks. He loved nature as a young child. Dan used to take him and his grandad to local beauty spots, while I ferried Kathryn back and to from her dance class. Perhaps he'll appreciate nature again after his long incarceration.

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