Monday, 21 May 2007

60s Dress Dilemma

Everyone at work is in a frenzy over what to wear. Most of them are too young to remember the 60's, and have mothers younger than me. I've been making suggestions. Rockers - skinny jeans, high stilettos or biker boots, tight tee-shirts, leather jackets, back-combed hair, thick black eyeliner and pale lips. Hippies - long hair with little plaits woven in, head bands, flower tattoos on arms or cheeks, long coloured beads, floaty tops, bell-bottom jeans and sandals. Mods - the Mary Quant look, black and white shifts, sleek bobbed hair, false eyelashes - the twiggy look with lower eyelashes painted on. I've tried to get across that if they get the hair and makeup right the outfit doesn't matter so much.

Less than two weeks to the party - needs to ring caterers - write invites for Tai Chi gang, the stress, the excitement - I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

neither can we!!

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