Friday, 11 May 2007

Lunch with Ex students

The only students I've ever kept in touch with are from the very first community psychology class I did, five years ago. I met up with them today and gave them invites to my 60th. They're not bringing their husbands - having a girls' night out instead. We got into a bit of a frenzy discussing 60's attire and hairdos. Julia, Joanne and Pauline can come, but Terri is on holiday.

Pauline is starting a degree course in September. "I tell everyone, I would never have done anything like this without Barbara Barnes and the community course," she said.
"That's very kind," I said.
"It's true," she said, and they all starting talking at once about the course - how noisy they all were and how I used to have to shout 'order' to get them to shut up.
"You lot are still the same," I said.
Terri reads Jon's blog and is a regular commenter. I gave her a letter from him.

"What made you decide to have a party?" Joanne asked.
"After nearly five years of not really wanting to celebrate anything, I decided that I couldn't let my 60th go by. Dan and I went to a 60's and 70's party a few years ago and it was great fun. So I'm going for it. Balloons, streamers, fancy dress - the full works - as tacky as possible. Then there's Kathryn's wedding in September."

Terri's daughter is also getting married in September so we compared notes, on Mother of the Bride outfits, hats, guest lists, arguments over who to invite and who not to invite - the stress and the excitement. Terri reads Jon's blog and is a regular commenter. I gave her a letter from him.
"And hopefully, fingers crossed," I added my heart sinking, "Jon will be released in November."
"What a year," Julia said.

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