Monday, 28 May 2007

Bank Holiday surpise

A rainy Bank Holiday Monday. Dan painted the bathroom and cleaned the patio. I sorted the spare bedroom in preparation for party guests who may stay over. In between showers I tided the potted plants. We've been painting and decorating and working on the house for months now, getting it ready for September's wedding, and Jon's return. A bonus is, it looks good for my party.

Another early gift arrived from Jenny and Bruce, who came round for drinks. Jenny has an apartment in Nerja, Spain, where she bought my gift. Knowing I have difficulty keeping presents for the day, she let me open it. Handing me an expensive looking small square box with a rose on it, she said,"It's antique and Spanish."
"Good things come in small packages," I said opening it carefully. "Oh! That's beautiful," I said taking out a gold ring mounted with three square amethysts. Purple is my favourite colour.

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