Thursday, 24 May 2007

CBT fourth session

Doreen was pleased with my developing understanding of how to deal with negative thoughts: examine the thought; how it makes you feel; look at the evidence that supports the thought and create a new thought based on the evidence; this should bring about a more positive mood or feeling.
"You've recognised your anxiety, which stems from your childhood and issues relating to your adoption. You've been thinking this way for most of your life, and what we have to do is re-train the way you think about yourself. You are starting to do this with the thought diary."
"The anxiety about Jon is always there," I said. "In some form or other, it never leaves, but I'm working on being more positive about it."
"He's your son, of course you feel for him, any mother would. It's natural. But the worst is over and you've coped. Congratulate yourself for that. This isn't going to happen over night you know. You need to constantly work on dismissing those negative thoughts."
"Organising my party has featured largely in this week's negativity. I'm having mixed feelings about it. One minute I'm really excited and positive, and then I feel I'd like to call the whole thing off."
"Oh dear," she smiled.
"I feel really guilty admitting this, but I've found myself wishing I'd have an accident so I could call it off."
"You're afraid of being overwhelmed by it all."
"Why? What's the evidence?"
"There is none. I'm popular, so I think people will turn up. I've got my outfit, the DJ, the band and the buffet organised.
"Exactly. It's all taken care of so relax and enjoy your day and your party."
"If there are any hiccups, they will make good anecdotes, won't they?" I said. "It'll be fun."
"That's the spirit," she said. "You're doing so well with the thought diary, you can continue with that, and we'll leave it for a few weeks, let's say the 4th June?"
"The week after my sixtieth."
"You'll have a lot to tell me about. Enjoy being sixty.

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