Sunday, 13 May 2007


I finished my play list of 60s songs and the itinerary for my party, and took them to the club to discuss with the DJ, Eddie. As usual he was sat smoking a fag with a pint in his hand when I asked if I could join him and his friend.

He looked surprised when I handed him the itinerary, but he humoured me by going through it step by step. The party is going to start at 7.30, the buffet at 9.30 following by my speech and dance with Dan to the Beatles 'In My Life'. I'll give the prize for the best 60s fancy dress, male and female, and then Austin Powers (our friend Peter)is going to dance a 'groovy' routine with Kathryn and two of her friends from dancing school, if they have the courage. We have a bar extension to 12.00. The band will play at 10.00 for about an hour and Eddie will come back on, he said, until 1.00am.

"I want you to do one thing for me", Eddie said."Enjoy it. Don't be worrying. Don't panic. I've been at parities and it's 8.o'clock and there's only about 30 people arrived and the party person starts to panic thinking that no one will turn up. Then by 9.00-9.30 the place is heaving."
"I'll try not to. I'm so excited.

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