Thursday, 6 December 2007

Waiting Room

We are waiting for a phone call. This call will tell us that Jon is on a flight or about to be put on a flight to the UK. The information is withheld for security reasons.

Last night we spoke to Jon. He is deliriously happy about his imminent release, but taking medication for anxiety, and cannot sleep.

In distant rooms, we are waiting.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


Anonymous said...

I pray everyday that your waiting won't be for much longer.

tslandry said...

cant wait to read that he is home!

Don said...

Oh how exciting! The champagne is still ready here.

Lady Arkles said...

Fabulous! When my brother was brought back from Asia, he said it was the best flight of his life!
He even enjoyed the films and the airplane dinner!
Give him our love when he gets home. And gently remind him that he can open any door he wants, any time he likes!!

All the best to you,
Rachel x

Diary of an irish woman said...

so thrilled for all of you. Been reading yours and Shauns blog for a while, laughing and crying along. Being in a place where its so structured and rigid to home will be a shock to his routine and yours but gently taking it will help. Your all in our prayers!

M2, Goo and F2 said...

We are so excited! We will be waiting patiently to hear our friend has made it home safe and sound. We send our love.

First mate said...

Hello Barbara, just wanted to post a quick note wishing you all luck for Shaun's imminent release. I've been reading his blog for over two years now, and think he has the potential to be an excellent writer. I think you should also take some credit for the way in which you have coped too, while encouraging and reassuring him all through the past years. I hope you can all readjust with dignity and respect. And maybe you should suggest he hires you as an editor for his future work, given your experience with the blog. Lots of love. x

Lady Arkles said...

Any news?!?!?!?

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