Monday, 17 December 2007


This morning Jon had palpitations caused by anxiety and lack of sleep. His distance vision is still blurred. He sounded distressed as he related his symptoms. I got an emergency doctor's appointment for him at 10.30am. I went with him.

It wasn’t my usual doctor who knows the whole story, so Jon had to briefly relate his recent history. The doctor seemed apprehensive about Jon. He told him to start re-taking the anti-anxiety medication he’d been given in Florence and prescribed more meds for Bipolar, made him an appointment for a psychiatric assessment, and a full medical check up. For the blurred vision he said to make an appointment with the optician.
“I think he may have thought I was a racist,” Jon said, “with my head shaved and just coming from a US prison. Perhaps he thought I was of the Aryan Brotherhood. He seemed scared of me.”
“With him being Asian?” I asked. “Yes, maybe he was. You spoke very politely. I wasn’t very happy with his reaction, and he should have examined your eyes. But this is what you have to be prepared for when you tell people you’ve been in prison for six years on drugs related charges. Not everyone’s a jonsjailjournal fan.”
“He was only young. I’m not surprised. He did what was needed. I’m prepared for that reaction. I can’t let it bother me. I know who I am.”
“So you’ve got to start taking the meds again. You shouldn’t have stopped so soon after your release. You’re not superman. It’s going to take time.”
“The funny thing is I’m trying to stop taking drugs (medication) and they keep giving me more.”
“Yes, but you can’t get arrested for taking these.”
“Very true. Yesterday, I was running round ASDA Wal-Mart like a kid in a candy store piling up the trolley with goodies I couldn't get in prison. Now I’m a wreck.”
“You were still on a high yesterday. When we get home you can have lunch, take your meds and sleep. You’re banned from the computer. Forget about blogging or emailing. You have to heal yourself. Your blog readers will understand. He grudgingly agreed and went to bed.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


Anonymous said...

follow mum's advice. look after yourself and the blogs will soon start to flow. hope ytour feeling better soon.
take care

The Goo Family said...

I get that same reaction from people because I have piercings and tattoo's. People judging a book by its cover.

Please take care and rest easy Shaun. Your readers aren't going anywhere! =)


Lady Arkles said...

Heal first!

Sending lots of love,
Rach xx

Anonymous said...

Please tell Shaun we readers aren't going anywhere and to take all the time he needs. I've suffered panic attacks before and they are awful.

Don said...

Listen to your mum! Or she'll feed you nothing but Marmite.

And yes Jon, the bubbly was good. I was at my favorite pub for my Wednesday happy hour and I and my friends toasted you, even though some had no clue who you were!

Take it easy ok??
D and P

Anonymous said...

hope jon is feeling better. please let us know how he's doing now.

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