Thursday, 13 December 2007

Indian Meal

We are a family again, Jon, Kathryn Dan and me. After eating cheese on toast, shaving off half of his beard, showering and sleeping, we are going out for an Indian meal


Lady Arkles said...

Ah the first Daal of freedom - Nirvana!!

Glad he is back safely.

Rach x

Richard said...


I was trying to catch up on stuff on my cell phone while at dinner with friends - and then had to explain why I had tears rolling down my cheeks after reading your posting! I'm so thrilled! I cannot imagine what that must feel like for all of you. You're such an awesome family, I'm so glad you're finally reunited!

Richard said...

Another thing, what is it about cheese on toast? I can be having a hell of a day, and then - after cheese on toast - everything seems so much better! (I must add, after further contemplation, that welsh rarebit is a fine substitute!)

Don said...

What a joy! Welcome home to Shaun!

Paul F said...

So pleased...... at last!!!

Paul & Beryl


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