Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Still no Jon

The house is cleaned,
tree lit up,
decorations hung,
presents wrapped,
freezer full,
hamper delivered,
but still no Jon.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


joannie said...

Man, I keep checking the blog-I pray it's today!! Just keep that tree lit.

isobelle said...

The waiting seems to be the worst, but it is not. Each new day brings you closer.
Children confuse their mother into a worrier, when in fact she is a warrior (whether she knows it or not). Once in a while, it is nice to do inventory of accomplishments - hence sitting admiring a lit tree, thinking about what you have conquered. You can get lost in thoughts about happy past memories and explore the ones to come...and eventually time will catch up, Jon will be home.
Isn't exciting.
Something comes to mind...in a moment of emergency in an aircraft, the flight attendant suggest, impose actually, for the parent to place the oxygen mask on himself first before placing the one on his child...to be more efficient and useful for his child. I think this concept applies to real life.
I think you are an example, event in the worst, you have surfaced all of this.

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