Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Rolled up


Wonderful, marvellous news! Jon's just phoned. He's been told to 'roll up'. He's on the move. He doesn't know when or where he's going, but he's leaving Arizona, after sixteen years. How must he be feeling? Sadness? Regret? Excitement? Joy? Freedom!

The clothes we mailed to him from UK arrived miraculously one hour before his roll up summons. The guard told him to collect his sexy underwear, referring to the Calvin Kline boxer shorts we'd sent.

I'm so indescribably excited. I want to run out into the street and shout, "He's coming home!".

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I am excited for your family!

joannie said...

Awesome! Thank God.

Anonymous said...


Don said...


Lady Arkles said...

About bloody time!
Enjoy the homecoming, all of you.

Rach x

Don said...

A British Airways flight just left Phoenix for London Heathrow...Maybe with Jon???? (Fingers crossed)

joannie said...

I sure as heck hope so-fly over all the Midwest ice storms...gotta get to bed! Can't wait til morning!

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