Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Prodigal Returns

We have all been deeply touched by your emails, comments and support for Jon. Thanks. He is starting to recover from the trauma of the journey home. We've told him to eat, sleep and recover for a few days before he gets seriously into blogging, but, in spite of tiredness, blurred vision, an allergy attack and shivering with the cold, he insisted on putting on a blog himself.

I'll fill in the posts tracking our journey when I've recovered from the tiredness created by the excitement of having Jon home.

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Diary of an irish woman said...

Congratulations to you. Its a sign of you and your husbands true characters how you took a devastating family event and turned it into such open loving support for your son and support for reform. You qualify as best parents ever and its been a joy to also read your blog as you live life outside of your sons needs which can be easily forgotten by others. All our prayers and blessings for the future from our family to yours. Jon's future should be a bright one built on the excellent strong foundation that you as his family have built for him. Take a huge breath and large cup of tea and soak in what wonderful parents you are as much deserved!

isobelle said...

it is a fantastic energy that you all have at this moment, yourself, your husband and your son. I heard your voice on the podcast interview. It was great, I'm in my home in my pyjama listening to that...Shoveling snow in below zero temperature later on on my things to do does not seem like a big deal anymore !
Your positivity is contagious.

Lady Arkles said...

Still thinking of you all. Listened to the interview, you all came across very well!
Rach x

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