Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wig and glasses

A package arrived today. I thought it was just another package of forms for Dan, who runs his own insurance business from home. "Dan, the postman's knocking," I shouted. "Will you deal with it, I'm in the kitchen?" "Yeah!" he said, and I could hear him running down the stairs.

I was stirring my porridge, thinking deeply about its health benefits, when I was tapped on the shoulder. Jumping nervously and turning around I was confronted by a tall hippy. "Hi man," it mumbled. I was fooled for one short second. But I quickly realised it was Dan wearing a thick shoulder length wig made of nylon, together with tinted John Lennon glasses and a CND tee-shirt and medallion. He looked so funny. We fell about laughing.
"I'm sorted for your party now, except I need to let an extra piece in the flare on my old jeans."
"Lizzy will do that for you on her machine." I don't do sewing.
"This party's going to be funny. How could anyone have a serious conversation with you while you're wearing that wig."

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood

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