Sunday, 15 April 2007

Another 21st

Last night it was our Goddaughter's 21st. Clare is our next door neighbour but two's child and the party was at their house. It was a warm evening and after a sojourn in the kitchen we sat outside, with Kathryn and Aaron. Kathryn discussed hair styles and hairdressers for the wedding, getting recommendations from the neighbours' wives. The guy who was supposed to do her hair has left our local salon to go on the cruise ships, so we have to scout round for an alternative.

I took the opportunity to suss out what the neighbours will be wearing for my 60th. James, Clare's dad still has hair. With his aura of machismo he just has to be a rocker. I told him he must grow a big greasy quiff with long side burns, and die it black. Although it's abundant it's snow white. I told him, "If you've got it flaunt it. Most of the men are going to have to wear wigs, including Dan. He's sent off for a hippy wig." You've got six weeks before the party to grow it."
James looked enthusiastic saying he had some Brill cream and an old leather jacket somewhere.
Overhearing the conversation was Bill who also still has his hair. "I want to go as George Harrison," he said.
"Great," I said. "Grow your fringe longer and comb it forward. Oh and don't forget the dye bottle. Lynn will do it for you."

The women's outfits are easier as the shops are full of 60's clothes. We discussed hairstyles and 60's makeup. The hairstyle completes the outfit. They are going to have mad 60's bouffant, back-combed hair and loads of black eye makeup.

It was a great party but today I feel wrecked. Two 21st parties on the trot, after just getting back from holiday takes some energy. But it was good while it lasted.

Kathryn and Aaron left for London this morning as he's working this afternoon. I won't see them again until my birthday in June.

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