Saturday, 28 April 2007

Wedding invitations

I got a call from Kathryn to say the wedding invites were ready for collection. The one she finally decided on after proofs going back and to to London has a small art decor, red rose on pure white embossed paper. Very classy. I'm not looking forward to writing the names in though. I can write nicely when I try but I'm so used to scribbling, its such an effort to write legibly.

Only the flowers are left to organise. Kathryn doesn't seem very interested in the flowers. We've visited a few florists, but nothing was ordered. The woman who does the flowers in church rang last week to say she is on holiday the week of the wedding. We will have to sort it out when Kathryn and Aaron come up for my 60th. There's still 5 months to go. Aghh only 5 months.

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