Sunday, 22 April 2007

No Kids

Kathryn has been agonising since day one whether to allow young children at the wedding. It's been an on/off decision. She rang me yesterday to tell me that the invitations were ready. The final decision on the guest list has to be made. She doesn't want young kids there because she's not used to them. She has no kids herself and because of her travels she's never really bonded with the kids she knows. I agreed with her. They always cry at the most touching part of the service, they make a mess and throw food everywhere and they cause a fuss and run madly around the reception, getting under everyone's feet, unless they've got parents who keep strict control, which no one does any more. I don't know why anyone would want to bring them. But Kathryn is such a sensitive person she didn't feel right telling her friends that they would have to make alternative arrangements.

"It's your wedding. It's your big day." I said. "There'll be enough stresses without worrying about kids that aren't yours. If they are good friends they'll respect your wishes and get babysitters."
"You're right," she said. "I've never wanted to have small kids there. I've spoken to loads of other women who banned kids, but when I discussed it with Aaron he seemed to think it was a bit mean to veto them, as we'll have kids one day."
"Yes, and you can leave them with me. Make a decision now and stick with it," I told her.
"I have," she said. "No kids."

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Anonymous said...

I agree with this decision. It shouldn't hurt anyones feelings not to have the children around. Not to mention - it's a chance for them to get away as a couple for the event and enjoy themselves.

When the time came we listed the event as an Adult Reception.. and it seemed to work just fine! :)

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