Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Phone Call

Shaun's imminent homecoming has stirred memories of the day he was arrested on 16th May 2002:

Hearing, “Shaun’s been arrested,” I felt a sharp stab, followed by a sinking feeling as my stomach reacted to the shock my brain had just received. My body went numb.
Every secret suspicion, stifled emotional response, and unuttered word was confirmed in that second. This was it. What I’d feared for years was now a reality. But I was dead. I had no feeling. I continued the conversation, asking my sister-in-law how her children were, until I put down the phone.

I couldn’t cry, so I laughed. Kathryn and I laughed about pleading with the judge.

Until I heard Dan’s car pull up outside. I had to share the pain with him. He came in smiling, shouting hello Telling him made it real. His face took on a look. It became a mirror of all the hurt and anger, fear and concern, I felt. It reflected the misery of disappointed hopes, and a truth we could no longer deny. Our son was a drug dealer.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood

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tess said...

you and your son have travelled a long journey since then.

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