Friday, 2 November 2007

Final Computer Therapy

The Beat the Blues computer therapy program came to an end last week.

Intially, I thought the whole idea a bit of a joke – having a computer-generated voice sympathise when I’d had a bad week – but as the weeks progressed I found I’ve benefited from this kind of structured approach. You can’t digress with a computer in the way you can with a real live counsellor or therapist.

Afraid that the computer-generated graph of my depression and anxiety would plummet too low, I’ve completed the projects each week monitoring my thoughts, battling to change the negative to positive. Winning more often now. Some days easier than others.

As the time for Jon’s release gets closer, I feel as though my sentence is coming to an end too, and I’m scared of how I’ll cope with rehabilitation. Jon has been in prison for nearly six years, but he’s not lived with us at home in England for sixteen years. There will be the initial euphoria, but what will follow?

I have to think positively.

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joannie said...

I think about the same things in regard to my son. He'll have to be in our home for some time, and I know there will be situations that may arise that will challenge everyone. One thing I am striving to do is develop relationships within a recovery group of men and women, some of whom were incarcerated, so that my son has other people to depend on and a community of supportive people around him as soon as he is out. A large part of his downfall was not having that, and depending so much on one friend-they were like gasoline and matches.

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