Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Friday's Off

Another message on the hotline from Barry. Jon won’t be picked up on Friday. ICE need seven days' notice. This means he should be picked up next Tuesday.

I went to lunch with a friend, Lucy, who has recently trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She offered me some free therapy. I’m therapied to death I told her.
“Yes, but this is an entirely new approach,” Lucy said. “It’s not a counselling session where you sit talking about your problems, and it’s not Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but we do use some of those techniques. NLP can work on your unconscious thoughts without you realising it. I use hypnosis as well. Being a psychologist, you’ll love it.”

I don’t know if Lucy was working her magic on me while we ate, but I felt lighter (in spite of the coffee and cake) and more positive about Jon, his release and rehabilitation.

She reminded me that we have done everything we possibly could for Jon since he’s been in prison. We are still doing everything we can to secure his release date. His life choices after his release will be his. Stressing won’t alter anything.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


Richard said...

Lots of ups and downs for you right now - it's got to be tough! What you've been waiting for for many years is so close, don't let the anxiety overwhelm you (easier said than done, I know!) Anything to do with the government moves at its own pace, and I'm sure more so with the DOC. Hang in there, and keep looking forward to your reunion with Jon in the UK. There are tons of folks out here sending good vibes your way - we're here to help you get through this last stretch!

Anonymous said...

After having followed Jon's situation for the past couple of years, I want to add another "Hang in There"! I'm a natural born worrier myself, so I know how hard it can be to remain calm under such heavy stress. But people all over are cheering you on, if that helps any! And Jon's right, he's very fortunate to have a loving Mom like you...

lynnemchapman said...

Barbara.. stay positive and the magic. will keep working ....All i did was to encourage you to work it for yourself :-)

Love Lucy xxxx

Anonymous said...

John is an adult and resposible for his own decisions. You've done the best you can to raise him, but it's up to him now. Stay positive.

Tess said...

i can feel your disappointment but you've got to stay strong now. he'll soon be home.i look forward to reading about your happy reunion with him

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