Saturday, 24 November 2007

Jon rang last night

7.00pm UK time Jon rang. It was such a relief to hear him sounding normal again.

After being processed through the system, he was moved to a cell on his own where he'd been able to sleep soundly. His voice was cheerful and full of expectation for his release. Laughing about all the roast potatoes and chocolate orange he was going to eat at Christmas.

He'd filled in a form for a veggie diet, and received magazines from detainees on his block.
He'd had conversations in Spanish with Mexicans, whose offence had been getting caught crossing the border.

He asked us to send him some clothes for his release. It could take three to four weeks, but the embassy are going to try to expedite his deportation. He can ring us more often and there is a message service.

As a stock broker Jon's English accent was a huge asset. During the sixteen years he's lived in Arizona he's developed only a slight American accent, which he cultivated to make himself understood. Last night he sounded very English.

If readers want to write to him, which he said he would like, the address is below. Even though it hasn't got his barracks or cell number, it will get to him. Any mail arriving after his release will be forwarded to UK.

Shaun Attwood # A75693747
SPC Florence
3250 N. Pinal Parkway Ave
AZ 85232.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


joannie said...

Thanks for a good piece of news! I hope you feel relieved as well.

tslandry said...

what a blessing Jon home for Christmas. It will indeed be a Happy Christmas for all of you!

Don said...

Letter going off to Shaun tomorrow from me. Hope he is back by Christmas, I have the champagne in the fridge!

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