Monday, 30 July 2007

Wedding rings

Kathryn phoned. She and Aaron had ordered their wedding rings. They went to the same shop in Hatton Garden where they bought her engagement ring last September. It's not really a shop; it's a workshop where they make everything by hand. She described how they went up the lift six floors into the bustling workshop along with other excited couples. After a chat with the goldsmith, he showed them an array of rings in silver to try on. Kathryn chose hers within five minutes. But Aaron took a little longer. "He's not used to wearing jewellery, so it felt a bit strange for him," Kathryn said. "He tried some big chunky rings but they didn't suit him." A simple slim band was his final choice.
They ordered both rings in platinum and they will be ready in six weeks.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood

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