Wednesday, 11 July 2007

More delay?

Jon never rang on Monday. When this happens we know it's either problems with the phones, or an inmate has misbehaved and the yard is on lock down, with all privileges including phone calls, denied. Thoughts that something could have happened to Jon, I push to the furthest corner of my mind.

He rang last night. What relief hearing his voice. We had had an email from his attorney saying that there was some delay he was trying to sort out. We had to give Jon this news. He sounded down hearted. On a more positive note, the ICE agent said it can all be processed a couple of weeks before his deportation. Jon, who is always so upbeat, had more doubts about this. We tried to cheer him up, assuring him that we would do everything possible to make it happen.
"Perhaps they think he's a Mexican, and doesn't want to be deported," I said when we came off the phone.
"Not with a name like Attwood," Dan said.

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joannie said...

Seems like all that is necessary these days to raise suspicion is that you speak Spanish. Continued prayers and hopes for the absolute best outcome are sent your way!

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