Monday, 2 July 2007

Constant Rain

The bridesmaids left yesterday, returning to their London jobs. Hugs - thankyou's - invites - goodbyes - dashing to the car - smiling - waving through rain spattered windows. They're gone.

Kathryn had a job in Staffordshire today so she stayed over last night. After the rush of the last few days, I felt an anti-climax. The darkening sky cast a greyness on everything. I watched the rain drenching the garden. Only the plants looked happy – green and fresh - plump with moisture.
“You can only do so much wedding planning,” Kathryn said as I was trying to get her to write some more evening invitations. “That’s why it’s a good idea to only do it a bit at a time.”
“Yes, but you don’t get up here that often, so I have to make the most of you,” I said asking her to look at the template I’d made for the Order of Service, which I’m going to do myself.

We were both overwrought. Wedding planning is exhausting. The day ended in tears and recriminations, hugs and reconciliations. But the rain stayed constant.

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