Thursday, 1 March 2007

No more calls

During our weekly 5 minute phone call to Jon, via the Embassy in LA, we were cut off twice on Monday. Even when you get the full time, you can’t imagine how quickly that 5 minutes goes. Trying to tell him the most urgent news, sometimes I feel flummoxed and don’t know where to start. Constantly aware of the ticking clock, the pressure clouds my mind. Just as the conversation is starting to flow, the time is up.

This Monday we were told, we couldn’t have any more calls. We're going to look into these companies that provide a phone service for prisoners using a line in the US that the prisoner calls. The call is then transferred to our UK number. It's expensive, but not as much as having him call collect. It will be worth it to hear his voice and know he's OK.

I’m excited because Kathryn is travelling up from London today by train. We will be picking her up at around 10.00pm. We are going to do weddingy things all weekend.

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