Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sunday Lunch

Only slightly hung over we set out for lunch at the wedding venue, Maple Lodge. Dan hadn't seen it before today. He was impressed. The food was indescribably good. We had a peep at the bedrooms. We knew the bride and groom would get a four poster in the Presidential Suite, (apparently Bill Clinton stayed there, but not with Monica) but so do Dan and I in the Blue Room . Perhaps it'll be a second honeymoon.

Kathryn had a list of items to ask the wedding coordinator, about seating arrangements, how many on the top table, flowers, candles and table cloths.

Even in the rain the view from the conservatory, where the reception will be held, was stunning. A real estate company had hired the room and were selling property in Cyprus. They only had one client. We were approached by an eager young salesman. "Sorry, we have a wedding to pay for, you've no chance," I said. He nodded in agreement, and left us to enjoy the view over the lake.

"Well, it's been a very productive weekend," said Kathryn who still had her hair piled up in her wedding curls. Although it had flopped a little overnight, it still looked good. I agreed, kissing her goodbye at the Station. Sorry to see her go, but happy with the results of the weekend. Dan and I drove back home.

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