Friday, 2 March 2007

Kiss my Hand

We set off early, our first stop the wedding cake shop. On Kathryn’s last visit we found a little café in Frodsham, the windows of which were full of cakes, decorated with Morph like figures, in poses to suit every occasion. The wedding cakes featured drunken bridesmaids and best men tumbling down tiers – all edible.

We sat scoffing toasted teacakes and coffee, flipping through the books, and discussing the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses with Kim the proprietor. “The icing can be any colour you like, and I can add any novelty ideas.” Kathryn had an idea for the groom figure, but I can’t write it in here in case he reads this blog, as it’s a surprise.

Kathryn ordered a three-tier cake incorporating the two bridesmaids and two best men, but Kim said she could do mothers of the bride and groom on the middle tier, with crooked hats, equally drunk. "I'd like to be on the cake,"I said.
"If you're on it Aaron's mother will have to be on it. She's paying for the cake."

I ordered a Beatles cake for my sixtieth. Kim said, “You’re never sixty.” I like Kim. The cake has a set a drums and the heads of the four Beatles with black edible hair.

Next were the printers in Stockton Heath where we met up with Jayne. They had endless catalogues of invitations, replies and place settings, most of which Kathryn thought over the top, or too expensive. She chose a simple art décor rose. We’ll have to get Aaron’s approval for the design before we order.

Over lunch we chatted about wedding plans, my sixties party and errant sons: Jayne also has one. Not in prison, but the cause of some grief.

Heading back to the car park, we passed a hat shop and just had to call in. I tried on some wonderfully extravagant hats, but I need to have the jacket of my suit with me before I can make a final choice. That didn’t stop me trying them on. “My wedding etiquette book advises that the Mother of the Bride shouldn’t wear too big a hat, as she has to kiss the guests and it might get in the way,” Kathryn said.
“That one would take their eye out,” Jayne said as I admired myself in the mirror.
“I don’t care. I’m having a big hat,” I insisted.“Oh! Just offer them your hand,” Kathryn said.

In the morning Kathryn is having a practice hair and makeup.

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