Sunday, 18 February 2007

Crying in my dreams

I've just got back from a week's holiday in Nerja with my friend Jayne who has an apartment there. It was relaxing. We slept ate, slept read and slept again. I thought the bright sunshine would make me feel better which it did, but on returning my spirits began to tumble.

Dan welcomed me with a bunch of roses and carnations, claret red, bought for Valentine's day and two beautiful salmon pink M & S tops. He's such a darling.

I had the most awful dream last night: I was on holiday with a friend - I was holding up a shop with a shotgun - I was in court for shoplifting - I was sitting before a row of Magistrates - they sentenced me to life - I was on a podium pleading with President Bush for my release. All through the dream I was crying. Sobbing my heart out. Because I take anti-depressants I am unable to cry normally. I don't know why. They must dampen down my emotions. The only time I shed tears now is in my dreams.

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karen said...

these blogs are excellent and if that women who moved to the north can get a £70,000 book deal on six weeks of blogs for her moanings about the north i am sure you can with this.
the depression stuff is very good - very sylvia plath. however, you need to balance with the funny stuff so it's not all too depressing! k x

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