Saturday, 18 August 2007

Final Fixtures & Fittings

Lizzy came with Kathryn and I to Maple Lodge yesterday, to go over the fine details. Katrina, the wedding co-ordinator welcomed us with morning tea in the lounge where the wedding guests will have their pre-meal drinks.

Kathryn told her the final number, seventy for the daytime meal and another seventy in the evening, give or take a few guests who haven’t yet replied. “With six weeks to go, I can’t believe that some people still haven’t told you whether or not they’re coming,” Lizzy said.
“It’s really annoying,” Kathryn said “We know all the day timers, it’s just a few people who are coming at night. They’re Aaron’s guests, so he’ll have to give them a call next week, when he’s back from Afghanistan.”
“It’s a long way to come for an evening do,” I said.
“Yes, but they should let us know. Aaron and I have travelled all over the UK to evening do’s.”
"What about the menu and wine?" Katrina asked.
"There's ten vegetarians, and one gluten free," Kathryn said.
"Don't forget me," Lizzy said. "I don't like sauces of any kind."
"Don't worry. We'll serve yours plain," Katrina assured her.

We discussed the flowers, decoration and accommodation. Kathryn told Katrina who would be getting the lakeside rooms, suites or four-poster bedrooms. The bride and groom get the presidential suite, where Bill Clinton once stayed on a visit to the UK. Dan and I are getting a four-poster room.

Katrina went over in minute detail what would happen from the arrival of the bride, groom and guests, to the walk by, when and where the photographs should be taken, and the daytime and evening receptions.

Before we left she took us into the conservatory where the reception will be held. It was set up for a wedding, the florist putting the final touches to the decor. The theme was butterflies in all shades of lilac with flowers to match. It looked beautiful.

“They’re very professional,” I said as we were leaving.
“They should be for what it’s costing,” Lizzy said.

After lunch we had an appointment for the final dress fitting at Belles and Beaux. Again, I was stunned by how beautiful Kathryn looked. Lizzy who hadn’t seen the dress before, gasped in admiration. It needs a small alteration around the bust. I have to pick it up on the Tuesday before the wedding.

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