Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Big Chill

As a pre-hen, hen party, Kathryn, the bridesmaids and a few other friends went to the Big Chill, a music festival in Herefordshire.

The weather has changed for the better and they had a sunny weekend camping out in the warm summer air. Unlike Glastonbury, earlier in the year, which was a complete washout. They danced till the early hours, drank champayne cocktails and listened to bands and DJs. Norman Jay was the most welknown.

Her real hen party is at the beginning of September in London. I’m flattered that she’s invited me for the weekend. I’m going with my friend, Jayne. I don’t know what will happen as the bridesmaids have organised it, and are keeping mum.

On the train back from my visit to Bath last month, there was a group of women, mostly young, returning home from a hen party in Bristol. Their giggles and bawdy jokes must have either amused, embarrassed or annoyed their fellow passengers. But nothing could dampen their spirits as they recalled the weekend's frolics. They all wore shocking pink tee-shirts with ‘Sexy Hens’ written in silver sparkly stuff across their chests. On their heads they wore matching pink cow-girl hats, trimmed in fur and decorated with the same silver. The bride’s hat was white and had a ‘bride to be’ sticker on the front. She had a pink feather boa around her neck, and sticking out from her bag was miniature pink and silver devil’s fork. What hen party accessories lay in the depths of the bag, I could only imagine.

I wonder what surprises the bridesmaids have in store for us on 1st September?

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