Friday, 5 January 2007

Sixties Outfit

Sixties gear is back in fashion, and today, while indulging in retail therapy, I noticed the shops are full of mini dresses with crazy psychedelic swirls, geometric patterns, cut-out shapes and key holes. I spied a young girl walking down the high street in a black and white dogtooth check pinafore dress, worn over a black polo neck sweater, with zig-zaggy patterned tights and shiny black knee length boots. Her sleek bobbed hair was topped with a white crocheted peaked cap. Thinking how cute she looked, I had to blink hard to assure myself I hadn’t walked into a time warp and this was really 2007 not 1967.

I resolved to buy myself a new outfit for my 60s party, thinking that by June the fashion could change, 70s maybe? I own a vintage black and white Mary Quant style 60's dress, but it’s a micro-mini and I can’t move in it without showing my knickers, so that’s out.

I waded through endless outfits. Sadly, they didn’t look quite the same on me, even though I’ve still got my figure, I’m no longer twenty. But with the fresh faced assistant's help I made a choice: black and white (that's all I'm saying). I haven't showed Dan yet. Whether I’ll wear it or not is another matter.

I never thought I’d look forward to being sixty, but strangely I am.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood

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