Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Return to Work

The Happy New Years weren’t shouted with such glee this morning as everyone returned to college, looking worn out from the celebrations. The building was cold after being closed for two weeks and tutors sat in coats checking their emails, drinking hot tea and coffee.
The return to normality was comforting. The students aren’t back until tomorrow, so everywhere was quiet. I intended to escape at lunch to check out a printers in the high street for wedding invitations, but our staff development session went on too long.

For the past three years, I've missed the 'joys' of Christmas staff development, and the joys of Christmas in the UK altogether. I've been in Arizona visiting my son Jon in prison. Last year we had Christmas dinner at Dennys after our visit. To avoid high seasonal prices I visited him in October last with Dan and my sister, Lizzy.

I won't see Jon again until his release at the end of the year...at the end of the year. I keep saying it over and over to convince myself it's actually so close.

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