Thursday, 18 January 2007

Fabulous Shoes

It’s my day off and I did lots of weddingy things. This morning I took Aaron’s birth certificate to the Registrar for verification as he’s from the south, Cambridge to be specific. They gave me a blue form which I now have to take to Father Michael, our parish priest, who will lock it away until the wedding on 28th September: exciting!

Later I picked up my friend Jayne, and we went on a wedding shoe expedition to Stockton Heath. The day before Jayne had spotted sales signs in the posh boutiques, and on arrival produced an array of elegant black sandals and smart shoes from the shelves, for my perusal. “No, too high, I’ll never walk in them,” I said casting the 5 inch heels aside.
“No, too much bling. It’s a wedding I’m going to, not a disco,” I said.
Bling’s fine at weddings now,” the shop assistant assured me.
Yes, I thought, especially £122 pound diamante encrusted bling.
“Wow! What about these,” Jayne said holding up a pair of sexy, strappy sandals, decorated, according to the assistant, with genuine Austrian crystal.
After figuring which way the straps went and struggling with the fastener, I sadly had to admit,“My feet are just too narrow and too flat. They don’t do a thing for me.”
They nodded in unison.
“Oh! Now, this has to be the pair,” Jayne said waving yet more designer shoes in my face.
“Yes! Oh! Yes!” I agreed, prancing up and down in a pair of smart sling backs with a medium sized heel, very pointed, in a kind of soft black suede material. The top of the shoe had a see through piece – very modern – topped with a neat little bow.
"But they're £69," I whispered to Jayne. I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes, ever."
"Reduced from £104," said the eavesdropping assistant.
"It's your only daughter's wedding," Jayne reminded me.
“You're right," I acquiesced without too much persuasion.

Clutching the designer bag to my bosom we headed for the nearest wine bar.

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood

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