Sunday, 28 January 2007

Morning Suits but no hats

We just got back from London. It was hectic.

It was supposed to be a stag weekend, but I muscled in and travelled down to the Big Smoke with Dan last Thursday.

The six main men were to visit Moss Bros on Saturday afternoon, and Kathryn and I were to do a show. But it was obvious in the pub on Friday night that Aaron wanted some female input on the outfits. So we met up in Oxford Street with the two best men, Peter (principal best man), Mad Max (co-best man) and the ushers. Aaron’s father and brother couldn't make it.

The shop was chaotic, but Terry, the black sales assistant managed to sort us out while dealing with three other people at the same time. Aaron chose a traditional morning suit: gray striped trousers and black jacket, but there was a mind boggling array of waistcoats and cravats, the choice of which demanded feminine fashion sense. We chose a gray waistcoat and a blood red cravat to provide a splash of colour.

Aaron looked amazing: so did Dan. They all looked handsome, even Mad Max despite being vertically challenged looked a right little dapper strutting up and down in his tails. The top hats were toyed with but, after much hilarity, got the thumbs down.

Aaron never stopped smiling all day.

Pleased with their choice, the guys headed for the pub (many pubs) while Kathryn and I went to see the Mousetrap. They were very drunk when we met up with them later. On the way back to Fulham, we called in a sweaty dive, where we danced wildly into the morning to the lyrics of the King sang by a black, gay Elvis impersonator. I want to book him for my sixtieth party.

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