Monday, 18 June 2007

One down two to go

If Kathryn's wedding and Jon's release from prison go a fraction as smoothly as my party, my prayers will have been answered, I'll have my three gifts, and the beginning of the year's doubts will be dispelled.

I have nothing but happy memories from my sixtieth birthday.

Kathryn wrote the day time invitations at the weekend, and is posting them out today. We have only had minor disputes over who to invite, once the embargo on noisy babies was established.

Jon's interview with the ICE agent should be coming up soon. Originally we were told he'd have to go before a Judge. We've since found out that he only needs to see a Judge if he's going to fight the Deportation Order. Which he isn't. Perhaps we'll get a date for his deportation after he's seen the ICE agent.

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