Friday, 1 June 2007

Card from Jon

Dear Mum,
Have a great sixtieth! I'll be there for your next B-day at least. It's unreal how close things are to freedom. Thanks to you and D and K I've held onto what sanity I am endowed with. Do you remember how I used to buy you house plants for your B-days? I remember cacti and that monstera something or other. Such happy days and such wonderful parents - without whom I would have been crushed.
Have as much fun as is legally permitted.
Love and Good Vibes,

Copyright © 2007 Barbara Attwood


Dr X said...


Wishing you the best for your birthday and your anniversay!

Dr X
Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

Mrs Attwood,
From what little I know about you, you seem a wonderful woman (mother and wife). Happy Birthday!!!!

<3 D <3

Anonymous said...

omg. I dying to know how the party went!! :)

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